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Custom software and Automation systems built for your business and built to last.

Coming Soon...

Custom monitoring & control solutions built for your business and built to last.

Why Choose Our Service

Monicont is committed to be the easiest team you've ever worked with.


Our Team builds custom Control Software and Automation Systems that solve your toughest problems, fit seamlessly into your current processes and systems, and produce measurable results for your business.


Our team builds custom Automation systems and software that drive revenue and efficiency for our clients. We help you create a unique, competitive edge and produce real, measurable results. Our team will partner with you to build a new software product, identify opportunities to improve productivity with your employees, create a better customer experience, or gain operational visibility. Capitalizing on these opportunities can help drive revenue, increase efficiency and grow your business.


Work with a team of Engineers that’s tied to your needs and ruthlessly efficient with your budget and ready to support you technically.

Our Service

Monicont builds fully integrated smart energy monitoring and metering solutions to optimize and streamline remote energy management hence improving efficiency.

Remote Energy Monitoring

We build custom smart Energy Monitoring and Metering solutions for Homes, Solar array and Industry.

Control Software Development

Monicont software Engineers have the passion to create solutions, from Central Monitoring Stations, SCADA and Mobile Monitoring. At Monicont, we believe different clients have different needs that's why we offer custom software solutions to allow our customers have user friendly services in order to create a productive environment.

Product Design

With the great team of hardware engineers, Monicont does product design right from scratch. This allows us to effectively test our Software and hardware enough times before we supply it to our customers.

Our Engineering Team


Computer Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Electrical & Electronics Engineer


Electrical & Electronics Engineer