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Web Development

The Monicont family is our primary goal with our existing software solutions, our software solutions that we will develop to meet the needs of our customers, the strengthening of the institutional structures of our customers, the transfer of operational affairs to the digital world and the resultant savings in resources and costs.

Apps Development

We are developing software and applications in today's largest technology, mobile. Our team, which follows the developing trends, makes turnkey mobile software that you need with the latest technology. We aim to be close to perfection in your application, not just before and after the software phase.

Graphic Design

Even your most successful projects can result in failure if your designs reach the end user, where users do not enjoy it and your service is not presented in a healthy way. At this point it does not matter how complex the software you have developed has. As SolvePark, we are aware that it is important for successful projects to be successful by users.

Software Development

With Monicont web software brand, we have been implementing web based projects of companies since 2017. Web based CRM, corporate company, news, video-film, payment systems, e-commerce, portal, blog, special software etc. of companies and companies. projects. Our exciting and enthusiastic team listens, gives ideas, projects and delivers the special software you want to have.

Hardware Design

We provide a wide range of electronic card hardware design services from PowerPC, ARM and Intel based microprocessors to PIC and ARM Cortex-M series microcontrollers. In electronic card designs, we use electronic processor modules to complete the design process in a very short time. With our electronic hardware design services, we provide services to many industrial sectors, especially defense, medical and automation sectors.

Technology Consulting

As Monicont, we have never used technology alone. We have always pursued the best solutions and aimed to present the technology in an accessible and convenient format for our customers. We have always regarded to be up to date, to follow developments as a necessity, and to inform our customers about our experience and knowledge.