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About Us



Our activities, which started in 2017 by offering hardware and software solutions to their own institutions, added strength to the information sector and are still moving towards their targets with strong, dynamic, professional, young staff. Understanding of providing a complete solution to customers, our company specializes in the field of computer hardware, software services, technical maintenance and support, project configurations, consumable product services and institutional maintenance agreements. As fast-growing, competitive, day-to-day companies will be strong and productive as long as they keep their standards high. We create real-time Remote Monitoring and Control solutions to allow remote monitoring of energy consumption in particular. This provides improved management and therefore productivity improvement. We provide time and quality to our customers with support and solutions that we provide in the field of business.


To provide effective information system solutions that enhance profitability and productivity in business areas where rapid change and intense competition are experienced, as a consultancy service to customers.


To become a leading global consulting company that develops, offers and distributes value-added information technology-based business solutions that increase competitive power and are parallel to advancing technologies. Monicont accomplishes this by adopting a customer-focused philosophy of service with a systematic approach based on valuable human resources and process. One of the main purposes of Monicont is to increase electronic hardware knowledge, increase computer usage and speed up the computerization process. In the development of the countries, the prospect of computerization is now an undeniable fact. By acting in line with this goal, Monicont aims to have a positive impact on the economy, life and education, and on the international competitiveness of the country. Monicont believes that the path to achieving the goal of increasing computer use and speeding up the computerization process is to deliver products. Because there is a very large group of people and organizations that can not use computers today, or who can not use them effectively because of this obstacle even when they use it. Monicont targets a computer world that does not include pirated copying, a consumer who produces computer software, a consumer society that gets rid of obstacles in front of computer software developers, a private sector from the public sector, and a computer world that everyone will gain.